Michelle Leigh

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Style & Design | BEAUTY EAST AND WEST Mar 15, 2001

An audacious urge for color

Shimmer and glimmer have been around long enough for their glint and sparkle to start to seem a bit boring, don't you think? The shine is not about to depart from our beauty counters and skin quite yet -- there are legions of glitter fans ...

Style & Design | BEAUTY EAST AND WEST Mar 1, 2001

International spa secrets

Some of the best recipes for a do-it-yourself spa come from those cultures known to go in for a bit of sybaritic pampering. Japan is high up on the list: A highly developed sense of aesthetics, a long tradition of bathing and a sublime ...

Style & Design | BEAUTY EAST AND WEST Feb 1, 2001

Beauty standard takes a new shape

The big news from the Paris collections is that the hourglass figure is back. Perhaps it was the only direction the silhouette could take -- the fashionable form had become so super-skinny that it couldn't go any further without vanishing. With the preferred dress ...

Style & Design | BEAUTY EAST AND WEST Jan 18, 2001

Oranges for body and soul

Continuing with our citrus theme from the previous column, today we'll discover a few more uses of the spiritually potent, beautifying, healing orange and its citrus relatives. In general, these fruits are known to calm anxiety and raise the spirits, while offering a wide range ...

Style & Design | BEAUTY EAST AND WEST Nov 2, 2000

Essential oils for happiness

In addition to St. John's wort and Bach Flower Remedies, there are other natural means of lifting the spirits. Among the essential oils, there are some specific ones whose benefits include a promise of happiness. These include rose, neroli, jasmine, clary sage, grapefruit, tangerine, geranium, ...