When you’re getting into a Christmas mood, nothing expresses this festive state better than sparkly, shimmery, glimmery things, and when it comes to buying special gifts from the beauty realm, there is plenty of that sparkly stuff out there to choose from.

It’s hard to know how to pick a product from among the huge variety on offer, though, so in today’s column, along with a couple of non-shimmery but suitably festive gift ideas, we’ll find out what the stand-out products are.

If you can find it — it is so popular that it is difficult to get — look for Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse d’Or. This was one of the original gold body shimmers, and it is still one of the best. A nonoily oil, it can be used on hair as well as skin. If you or anyone you know is going to Paris, stock up on this and other Nuxe products there (their Creme Fraiche is another fabulous one).

Yves St. Laurent offers a similar gold treat, the Face and Body Sheen, which scintillates like pure gold dust.

For eyes, look for Chanel’s Les Quatres Ombres, in Stellaires No. 99, with an array of four deep, warm tones, including a nice classic gold. Almost every company has a gold for the eyes, but Chanel’s combination is particularly well thought out.

Lancome, whose colors lately are brilliant, has a good gold eye shadow in Casque d’Or, and MAC has an exuberant gold in Gold Mine.

In the platinum range, Chanel has a limited-edition Platinum Kit, which is incredible, bound to be a sell-out like the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. In this range, look for Lumiere Platine, a silver shadow that can be applied wet or dry and placed anywhere you like. Chanel also has a great nail varnish in Mercure, a silvery-steely mercury shade.

Lancome has some interesting combinations in its Instinct range, like the Ombre Trio 16, made up of two warm-toned eye shadows and a platinum lip gloss, designed to be worn together, while Urban Decay offers nail enamel in Spare Change, a glowing silvery platinum.

Now that you’ve invested in all this shiny material girl makeup, you might as well shimmy brightly over to a Shu Uemura shop and get the perfect accessory to transport these goods in style. Shu Uemura’s makeup containers are completely covetable, and they exist in a good range of sizes.

While you’re there, check out the makeup brushes and tools, and the silver and gold shades in his lines. I guarantee you’ll find something wonderful.

Now if you really want to be profligate, you could always get some 24-karat gold flakes, powder them and add them to your nail varnish, skin cream, foundation and hair gel. Nothing like the real thing!

So go for the gold, and happy Christmas shopping!