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Jun 23, 2002

Relieving yourself of worldly cares

Freudians would consider French culture to be "oral" due to its emphasis on food and wine, while Swiss culture appears "anal" because of its obsession with time, cleanliness, money and order. So, what do Freudians make of Japan, whose culture has elevated both its ...

In step with the real Japan

Jun 9, 2002

In step with the real Japan

We both confess to complete and utter madness, but we've been having a whale of a time -- and not only down in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the International Whaling Commission had its recent roughhouse, and where we completely pigged out on kujira no ...

Dec 5, 2000

Columnist feels 'stronger' despite living with HIV

Patrick Bommarito is a 35-year-old openly gay American who lives in Tokyo. He contracted HIV 12 years ago by having sex with an HIV-positive man in New York, shortly after breaking up with his Japanese boyfriend, with whom he had lived for six years. "On my ...

Dec 1, 2000

Infected people unaware they are killers, AIDS activist says

1988, World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 has been observed as a time to display compassion, hope, solidarity and understanding about the deadly disease. This year's theme is "AIDS: Men Make a Difference." More than 70 percent of HIV infections worldwide occur through sex ...