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Instinct key for singer-entrepreneur

Our Lives | WHO'S WHO Feb 16, 2010

Instinct key for singer-entrepreneur

For a musician and entrepreneur with many professional faces, Australian Donna Burke is surprisingly wary of constantly taking work-related calls. "I'm always disconnecting myself. I'll go for days without looking at my mobile phone," said the singer, narrator, songwriter, lyricist and talent agency head. Oh, and ...

National Feb 13, 2010

Kyoto plans kimono revival with metropolitan designs in Tokyo

Kyoto will open a casual kimono store in Tokyo in March aimed at spreading the traditional outfit among metropolitan women, the city announced Friday. The store, which will open in the upscale Minami Aoyama district, will stock kimono crafted with modern prints and colors to ...

National Feb 6, 2010

Quick rise, meteoric fall mark career of troubled yokozuna

In his 11-year career, sumo wrestler Asashoryu stomped out record-breaking wins to become the undisputed champion of the past decade. Yet his reign was littered with scandals that floored the traditional sport, where athletes are expected to act with decorum both in and out ...

National Feb 5, 2010

Valentine's chocolate defies recession

As many businesses continue to shake their heads over how tough it is to make sales in these financially difficult times, "cheaper is better" is the strategy of the day, with shops slicing prices for everything from "gyudon" (beef on rice) to jeans. But ...

National Jan 29, 2010

Guiding hand for Indonesian nurses

Cultural barriers faced by Indonesian nurses who come to this country to work are gradually being lowered, but the government has yet to help the Japanese hospital staff adapt, according to Keio University professors who recently launched an in-house training program to teach the ...

National Jan 22, 2010

Stop the presses — foreign media pulling out of Japan

Major foreign media outlets are leaving Japan in droves, a sign of financial difficulties at home as the news industry struggles with falling advertising revenue. But observers note that Japan is also losing its appeal as the most newsworthy country in Asia, with China ...

National Jan 20, 2010

Students want jobs at ANA, traders, Shiseido

As student job seekers struggle amid the worst employment situation in years, All Nippon Airways topped their list of sought-after employers for a second year, while troubled Japan Airlines fell to 52nd place, according to a recent survey conducted by a major job-hunting Web ...

National | Q&A Jan 20, 2010

Mileage members fret over their points earned on JAL, credit cards

With Japan Airlines filing for bankruptcy and undergoing court-led rehabilitation, consumers are worried about how this may affect their mileage points and points they have saved by using JAL credit cards. Following are some questions and answers about the mileage system: After JAL files for ...

National Jan 15, 2010

Tokyo library reaching out to foreign community

Whether to read a Pulitzer Prize-winning author in English, flick through global editions of Vogue magazine or delve into foreign encyclopedias, the Tokyo Metropolitan Library wants more foreigners to visit and take advantage of its free multilingual resources. The library, whose central branch is in ...