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National Apr 17, 2004

Journalists mull Asia integration outside the EU box

FUKUOKA -- It was Mahatma Gandhi who said friendship that insists upon agreement on all matters is not worth the name. Journalists from Asia and Europe who took part in a recent symposium here probably walked away sharing this view after four days of discussions ...

East Tokyo welcomes artists in bid to revitalize historic district

National Nov 13, 2003

East Tokyo welcomes artists in bid to revitalize historic district

When woodblock print master Ando Hiroshige created his famed "One Hundred Views of Edo," the eastern part of the capital was a bustling commercial and cultural hub. Seeing those districts now, nearly 150 years since he worked on his masterpiece, however, requires a vivid imagination ...

Imports, weakening demand dampen fireworks industry

National Jul 21, 2003

Imports, weakening demand dampen fireworks industry

For much of Japan, the end of the rainy season signifies that summer has shifted into high gear. And the sweltering months are never quite complete without the bursts of color and sonic booms of fireworks festivals. But while many people believe fireworks are a ...

National Dec 31, 2000

Warbler recalls area's innocent days

Just when the doors of the Yamanote line train are about to close at Uguisudani Station during morning rush hour, alert passengers will hear the distinctive chirp of the "uguisu," or bush warbler. Although the bird is traditionally regarded as a harbinger of spring, at ...

National Sep 10, 2000

Quake of '23 gave Ikebukuro its Bohemian roots

When Ikebukuro Station opened on the Yamanote Line in 1903, the area around it was little more than pasture and vegetable fields. That all changed after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, when those left homeless in the temblor moved west as they found this ...

Business May 22, 2000

As with risk, ranks of analysts rising

Once again the time has come for the mass-release of Japan Inc.'s annual earnings reports. While the stock market is showing signs of rumbling back to life after nearly a decade of dormancy, significant changes to Japan's financial landscape are forcing players to make ...