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Berlitz strike grows despite naysayers

| Sep 30, 2008

Berlitz strike grows despite naysayers

As union representative for Berlitz General Union Tokyo (Begunto), let me set the record straight. Despite scabs, naysayers and second-guessing pundits in the English-language media, Berlitz teachers are making history. With more than 100 teachers striking at dozens of schools around the Kanto region for ...

| Dec 21, 2004

Workplace worries

Bullying and dismissal I've been working for a private university for almost eight years. During that time, I have put up with constant "ijime" from two other teachers, who finally got their way and are having me fired. No reason was given for my firing. My ...

| Dec 14, 2004

Right side of the law

Sacked without notice I was working for an English-language school in Tokyo and got fired without any notice at all. My one-year contract doesn't expire for four more months. Can they do that? YES and no. In the short term, employers fire workers for good ...