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Uruguay stoked to legalize marijuana production

/ Oct 24, 2013

Uruguay stoked to legalize marijuana production

Uruguay is about to go where no country has gone before by legalizing the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, with the left-of-center government regulating all facets of the trade. The initiative runs sharply counter to the Obama administration's anti-drug policies, which criminalize the use of ...

Venezuela's Maduro attempts to make his mark with Snowden affair

| Jul 12, 2013

Venezuela's Maduro attempts to make his mark with Snowden affair

Fugitive Edward Snowden's diminishing possibilities of remaining free to continue releasing information about secret U.S. surveillance programs increasingly appear to hinge on Venezuela, which Monday awaited word on whether the former National Security Agency contractor would accept its offer of asylum. Bolivia and Nicaragua also ...

| Jun 25, 2013

Snowden eyes friendly soil in Latin America

The three Latin American countries said to be helping Edward Snowden flee from U.S. authorities are united in their opposition to the White House and pursue foreign policy objectives designed to counter U.S. influence. As Snowden, the intelligence contractor who disclosed documents about U.S. surveillance ...

/ Jun 6, 2011

Feud over U.S. debt ceiling risks driving off investors

U.S. politicians are in the thick of a debate that is fascinating, urgent, passionate, stubborn and potentially highly dangerous both for the American economy and for the country's political reputation and standing in the world. It is a tragic measure of the purblind failure of ...

Mar 17, 2011

Mr. Ishihara's re-election bid

Gov. Shintaro Ishihara of Tokyo announced Friday that he will run for a fourth term in the April gubernatorial election. At one point, it was reported he would not run. Behind his decision was strong encouragement from the Liberal Democratic Party. It appears that ...

Jan 16, 2011

Reshuffle under opposition pressure

The lineup of Prime Minister Naoto Kan's new Cabinet, which emerged Friday after a minor reshuffle, underscores his hope for a smooth start to the Diet's ordinary session later this month and for progress in bringing about Japan's financial reconstruction and its participation in ...