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/ Feb 1, 2011

Expect unexpected prior to Super Bowl

A report that club owners in Dallas have put out an urgent call for an additional 10,000 strippers struck a familiar chord with those who remember when players' antics the week leading up to the Super Bowl made for bigger headlines than the game ...

Trash talk serves its purpose for Ryan

/ Jan 24, 2011

Trash talk serves its purpose for Ryan

NEW YORK — Rex Ryan is a better talker than any of his peers — glib, self-assured and sly as a fox — and that's just his R-rated material. If games were decided in the interview room instead of on a field, you could ...

/ Dec 31, 2007

Brady, Moss make TD plays look easy

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Stripped to the essentials, it's just a throw and a catch. But toss in a handful of large, angry pass-rushing Giants planning to hold a reunion on Tom Brady's chest, then sprinkle in a dose of defensive backs and the occasional ...

Jun 30, 2007

WWE hysteria all McMahon's doing

NEW YORK — Hucksters make their living ahead of the curve, or at the very least, by selling that illusion. So there was something satisfying about watching pro wrestling czar Vince McMahon being forced to come clean, if only this once. "Steroids may or may not ...

Jun 16, 2007

Little Parker emerges as big-time star

CLEVELAND — The shortest guy on the court grabbed the rebound under his own basket, scanned the floor once, and took off. By the time all but one of the Cavaliers figured out Tony Parker had absolutely no intention of slowing down, only LeBron James ...

May 6, 2007

One eye good enough for one brave horse in Kentucky Derby

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Cover your right eye. Now imagine being loaded into a starting gate alongside the best thoroughbreds in the land. The gate flings open and just ahead and to either side, 19 other horses are jostling for position as the first turn draws ...