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Commentary / World Jun 28, 2007

Just who is Gordon Brown?

BRUSSELS — At long last, Gordon Brown is taking over from Tony Blair as Britain's prime minister, thus attaining his lifelong ambition, as if by right. That is his first problem. He has not been elected by anyone — not by the Labour Party, ...

Commentary / World May 13, 2007

Strategic error poisoned Blair's legacy

LONDON — Tony Blair has a powerful claim to being one of the most successful British politicians of any recent generation, at least in domestic economic and social policy. But history will remember him mainly for his strategic error in going to war in ...

Commentary / World Oct 19, 2006

Is Labour's Gordon Brown electable?

LONDON -- British Finance Minister Gordon Brown obviously wants to succeed Tony Blair as British prime minister. But it is less obvious that he is willing to do what is necessary to lead the Labour Party to victory in the next general election. In ...

Commentary / World Feb 11, 2002

France, Britain, Italy rethink EU future

Until now, Italian, French and British attitudes toward the European Union have been completely distinct and predictable. The Italians have been unconditional, enthusiastic supporters of the integration process -- the more the better. The French have reveled in their privileged position at the EU's heart, ...