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National Mar 27, 2008

Aussie puzzles out midget sub mystery

An Australian government maritime archaeologist appears to have partially unraveled the mystery of how a Japanese midget submarine that attacked Sydney Harbor during World War II finally met its end. Tim Smith, who led an official investigation of the M24 after its discovery off Australia's ...

Woman tries to clear name 16 years on

National Mar 12, 2008

Woman tries to clear name 16 years on

Chika Honda spent more than 10 years in an Australian prison for smuggling heroin into the country — a crime that new evidence suggests she did not commit, according to her supporters. The supporters — a group of Japanese lawyers and Australian academics — say ...

National Nov 26, 2007

Will Rudd cool relations with Japan?

Kevin Rudd's election as prime minister of Australia could mean a substantial shift in Japan-Australian relations. Japan has found a valuable friend and ally in Australia in recent years. The relationship blossomed under the departing John Howard — particularly in the past 12 months, which ...

National Nov 10, 2007

Japan whaling to be Aussie election issue

With Australia's general election just weeks away, environmental activists are gearing up to make Japanese whaling an issue in competitive districts. Antiwhaling campaigners from the International Fund for Animal Welfare commissioned a poll released last week that shows 63 percent of Australians believe their Nov. ...

National Sep 18, 2007

Aussies go full bore on soap opera

The Australian government is pushing ahead with an ambitious plan to host a Japanese soap opera as a means of reviving tourist numbers from Japan. Tourism Minister Fran Bailey, who in May first flagged the novel idea of a Japanese soap opera filmed in Australia, ...

National Aug 22, 2007

'Princess Masako' author, Tokyo publisher threatened

The Australian journalist who wrote a controversial biography of Crown Princess Masako has received death threats ahead of the release of its Japanese translation. Daisan-Shokan, the Tokyo-based publisher of the translation, has also reported being targeted by rightwing nationalist groups. The translation of "Princess Masako, Prisoner ...

National May 22, 2007

Gas company Inpex at odds with Aboriginals over sacred land

The Inpex Corp. gas exploration company is at the center of a dispute with Aboriginal Australians who say it is conducting a drilling program on their traditional land. Tokyo-based Inpex has been investigating lucrative gas deposits off the coast of northwestern Australia's Kimberly region and ...

National Mar 30, 2007

New Zealand gentian flowers bring new color to Japan

A team of scientists and growers in New Zealand has reinvented one of Japan's favorite flowers in a new range of colors. The gentian, a flower native to the high alpine regions of Asia, Europe and the Americas, has always held a special place in ...