Dmitri Trenin

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War games are no game

Commentary / World Sep 19, 2021

War games are no game

All major powers — the United States, its NATO allies, China and Russia — are conducting military exercises more often and on a larger scale than ever.

Commentary / World Apr 22, 2014

Europe lacks leadership over Ukraine

The sad truth about February's revolution in Kiev is that the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych ended the regime of one-clan dominance, but not the oligarchical system of governance that underpinned it.

Commentary / World Mar 4, 2014

A new cold war in the making?

Even if there is no war, the Crimea crisis is likely to alter fundamentally relations between Russia and the West, and lead to changes in the global power balance.

Commentary / World Feb 7, 2014

Securing the Sochi Olympics

Parallel to the Sochi Olympics, another contest is already under way between the terrorists who seek to disrupt the games and the security forces of the Russian state.

Commentary / World Nov 9, 2011

Russia's Eurasian integration

With Russia's 2012 presidential elections effectively over since Vladimir Putin's decision to reclaim his old Kremlin office, it is time to turn from personalities to policies. Putin plans to stay in the Kremlin for two more presidential terms, another 12 years, as he is ...

Commentary / World Jun 3, 2010

Russia hits the reset button, but will it last?

MOSCOW — NATO soldiers marching in Red Square on V-E Day; Moscow agreeing on a compromise resolution of the 40-year-old sea-boundary dispute with Norway; the sight of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin kneeling at the memorial to the Polish officers murdered by Josef Stalin at ...

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2010

Kremlin two-step: modernize or marginalize

MOSCOW — Westerners often see Russian politics in terms of a high-level struggle between liberals and conservatives: Ligachev and Yakovlev under Mikhail Gorbachev; reformers and nationalists under Boris Yeltsin; siloviki and economic liberals under Vladimir Putin. Westerners also view Russia in terms of a tradition ...