Davinder Kumar

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Commentary / World Jul 18, 2013

African plan to end hunger

Earlier this month, away from the shadows of the Group of Eight, African ministers meeting in Addis Ababa made a pledge to end hunger on the continent by 2025.

Commentary / World Apr 23, 2012

Identifying the world's 'invisibles'

They have no twitter army, no righteous war being waged for their rescue. They are visible; they are out there on the streets. From ruthless lanes of Dhaka to dangerous dark alleys of Rio, tens of millions of children the world over are daily ...

Commentary / World Mar 9, 2012

Mental health must match post-3/11 recovery

Over the past year, the tsunami-ravaged coastline of Japan's northeast has undergone a cleanup never seen before in history for its sheer scale and speed. From Ishinomaki to Onagawa, Shichigahama to Kesennuma, the landscape has been drastically altered as the nation presses on with the ...