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Commentary Nov 18, 2011

Partnership in the Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting in Hawaii underscored once again the importance of wide-ranging cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. This concept of cooperation was first advocated by Japan and Australia several decades ago. The reasons behind the two countries' initiatives were rather complicated. Japan ...

Editorials Oct 19, 2011

Preparing for future disasters

Following discussions in the wake of the March 11 quake and tsunami, an experts' panel of the Central Disaster Management Council submitted its final report to post-disaster reconstruction minister Tatsuo Hirano in late September. The report called on the central and local governments to ...

Commentary / World Aug 29, 2010

A hopeless cause without nuclear power

HONG KONG, PACIFIC PERSPECTIVES — Ask the average environmentally concerned person how our power generators will achieve the tough emissions reductions needed to play their part in cutting global warming, and you will probably get a simple, clear answer: wind and solar. Recent research by ...

Commentary / World Aug 1, 2010

A vote for Hong Kong as most livable city

HONG KONG, PACIFIC PERSPECTIVES — For me, there is no question that Hong Kong is one of the world's most wondrously livable cities. After 30 years of having Hong Kong as my home, I would challenge anyone to claim that — on balance — ...

Editorials Jun 8, 2010

Keidanren's to-do list

Mr. Hiromasa Yonekura, chairman of Sumitomo Chemical Co., on May 25 became the top leader of the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), Japan's most influential business lobby. He assumes the post at a time when the Japanese economy is suffering from deflation, high unemployment, ...

Commentary Jan 15, 2010

Russia looking to expand oil markets in East

SINGAPORE — For a long time, energy-hungry Asia has watched in frustration as Russia, currently the world's biggest producer of both oil and natural gas, sent nearly all its exports to former Soviet bloc partners and Europe, leaving Asian consumers increasingly dependent on imports ...

Commentary / World Jul 22, 2008

Quiet changes in Japan's defense

OSAKA — Japan appears to be drifting aimlessly under a divided government, and its external policy seems equally disoriented under a Fukuda administration that has been up to its neck and largely unsuccessful in blazing new trails for the country. Surprisingly, though, bureaucratic autopilot ...

Commentary Feb 23, 2007

Iraqi survivors face health-care collapse

NEW YORK -- In a letter addressed to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 100 prestigious doctors have denounced the harm to children's health and lives wrought by the war in Iraq. The signatories -- British doctors who have worked in Iraq, Iraqi doctors, leading ...