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If you can't beat the Japanese, serve them

| Aug 5, 2003

If you can't beat the Japanese, serve them

If you're looking for contentment in Japan, serve the Japanese. At least that's the impression one gets from being around Andy Lunt, Kerry Cox and Johnny Miller. These three entrepreneurs do what most foreigners here would never think of doing. They run bars or ...

The man who would be dolphin

Jul 21, 2002

The man who would be dolphin

In the corner of a dive shop in a small city on the tip of the Boso Peninsula two hours' drive northeast of Tokyo, there is a shrine dedicated to Jacques Mayol, the French free diver immortalized in Luc Besson's 1983 film, "The Big ...

| Jun 13, 2002

Police shouldn't expect the worst from fans

The Japanese police force tried hard to create problems for itself last Friday night in Roppongi after the England vs. Argentina soccer match. But thanks to boisterous, though well-behaved fans, the serious trouble that the police had been anticipating, but which looked like being caused ...