Catherine Makino

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Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Jun 8, 2004

Hidden plight of detainees

'What did I do to the Japanese people," asks Merdem Yousif. "I came to Japan because I thought the people would be warm-hearted. It was my big mistake. I should have gone to another country." The 34-year-old Kurdish man, wheelchair-bound as a result of abuse ...

Students pay price in visa crackdown

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST May 18, 2004

Students pay price in visa crackdown

When American students Angela Luna and Richard Nishizawa tried to board a plane bound for San Francisco in March, airport authorities threw them in a small holding cell and held them incommunicado for several days before banishing them from Japan for five years. Luna and ...

Disabled fight for freedom of movement

Community Sep 28, 2000

Disabled fight for freedom of movement

Disabled people should not take trains -- at least that's what Take Maruyama, who needs a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, was told by his family when he was growing up in a small town in Tochigi Prefecture. Fortunately, he didn't listen. Fast forward a ...

National Sep 5, 2000

Serial killer may be after Western women

A serial killer who preys on attractive Western women may be on the loose in Tokyo, according to a well-known Japanese criminologist and psychiatrist who has advised the family of Lucie Blackman. Blackman, 21, who was working in Tokyo's Roppongi entertainment district, disappeared two months ...

Art May 27, 2000

A vision of hope in a life of disaster

Painting the kind of life he would like to live instead of the hard one he actually has, artist Andrew Boerger creates an appealing, serene world on canvas that has art buyers snapping up his work. Boerger, whose fourth show in Tokyo runs until May ...

Community Jan 27, 2000

Overcoming blind discrimination

In the past 10 years, 71-year-old Atsuko Yasumoto has fulfilled many lifelong dreams. She has swum with dolphins in Hawaii, climbed mountaintops in Japan, traveled to the United States, and won first prize in a ballroom dance contest in Tokyo. These feats, spectacular for most ...

Community Dec 30, 1999

Cashing in on the new millennium fever

At the turn of the millennium, marketer Kenneth Walker will be seeing lots of zeros. Not only will he be seeing the numbers 01-01-00 everywhere, he'll be seeing lots of zeros coming behind dollar signs. Walker has figured out a way to cash in on ...