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Commentary / World Aug 25, 2013

On guard against worker betrayal

The debacle of Edward Snowden walking away with electronic copies of thousands of classified documents illustrates the challenge of trusting people in any organization.

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Dec 30, 2009

Cold War encryption is unrealistic in today's trenches

Sometimes mediocre encryption is better than strong encryption, and sometimes no encryption is better still. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Iraqi, and possibly Afghan, militants are using commercial software to eavesdrop on U.S. Predators, other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and even piloted ...

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Nov 18, 2009

Nature's fears extend to online behavior

It's hard work being prey. Watch the birds at a feeder. They're constantly on alert, and will fly away from food — from easy nutrition — at the slightest movement or sound. Given that I've never, ever seen a bird plucked from a feeder ...

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Sep 23, 2009

Can firms trust cloud computing?

This year's overhyped IT concept is cloud computing. Also called software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing is when you run software over the Internet and access it via a browser. Both Google Docs and's customer management software are examples of this. Last week ...

Offhand but on record

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Aug 19, 2009

Offhand but on record

Facebook recently made changes to its service agreement in order to make members' data more accessible to other computer users. Amuse, Inc. announced last week that hackers stole credit-card information from about 150,000 clients. Hackers broke into the social network Twitter's system and stole ...