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Commentary / World Dec 13, 2016

It's more like 1848 than 1930

The real danger today is that the forces that propelled Trump to the U.S. presidency or that pushed Britain out of the European Union will not be sated by their recent victories.

U.K. a victim of its own ideas

Commentary / World Jun 27, 2016

U.K. a victim of its own ideas

The Brexit vote is a cautionary tale to other countries and their elites about complacency toward populist movements and the casual acceptance of the downsides of globalization as just "another cost of doing business."

Commentary / World May 24, 2012

Beijing's North Korea policy only emboldens Pyongyang

Discussions in Beijing about North Korea are always frustrating. It's not so much due to the sharp divergence in U.S. and Chinese thinking about how to deal with Pyongyang; the two sides differ on many issues. No, the real problem, from our perspective, is ...