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Commentary / World Aug 16, 2009

Fatah's new status quo leaders

HERZLIYA, Israel — The Sixth Fatah Congress, held recently in Bethlehem, was an important event for the future of the Arab-Israeli conflict and for the Palestinian movement. But a careful look at the results of the Congress' elections to Fatah's Central Committee yields a ...

Commentary / World Jan 18, 2009

The long-term security threat to Arab states

JERUSALEM — In Iran, elements from within the regime are reportedly offering a $1 million reward for the assassination of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak because of his opposition to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In Lebanon, the leader of Hezbollah, backed by Iran and ...

Commentary / World Jul 26, 2007

Turkey arrives at a political crossroads

HERZLIYA, Israel — In what may be Turkey's most important political event since the republic was founded in the 1920s, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won a landslide parliamentary election victory, with around 47 percent of the vote. Only two other parties ...

Commentary / World Jun 20, 2007

Don't underestimate Hamas' extremism

PRAGUE — Hamas' capture of the Gaza Strip has created, along with Iran, a second radical Islamist state in the Middle East. The region, probably the Arab-Israeli conflict and certainly the Palestinian movement will never be the same. What has happened should not be a ...

Commentary / World Dec 30, 2006

Palestinian civil conflict leads nowhere

PRAGUE -- Regardless of the latest hastily negotiated truce, the battle between nationalist Fatah and Islamist Hamas seems to be gaining intensity. Palestinian politics, always self-destructive, has reached new heights of internal conflict, pulling the population deeper into disorder and pushing them further away ...