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Jun 14, 2000

The return of an old classic: fresh fish and soccer for all

Shimizu, a port city in Shizuoka Prefecture, is back in fashion again. In the Edo Period, Shimizu was a popular post town on the Tokaido Highway. Travelers liked its fresh fish and tasty Oiwake yokan bean paste. But the inauguration of train service between ...

Jun 3, 2000

Japanese ceramics on auction block

Contemporary Japanese ceramics took center stage in New York recently, when Phillips, the world's number three auction house, lifted the hammer on a sale titled "20th Century Japanese Ceramics and Design." Held May 17 at the American Craft Museum, the sale marks the first time ...

Apr 12, 2000

Follow the pilgrims' road to where past and present meet

When the warm spring winds riding the Kuroshio (Black Current) reach Shikoku, the island is at its best for visitors. Shikoku in the spring attracts both tourists and pilgrims. The pilgrims come to visit some or all of the island's 88 temples dedicated to ...

Mar 29, 2000

Samurai, silk and soba in a classic castle town

Like many castle towns, the identity of Ueda, in Nagano Prefecture, is closely intertwined with its castle. A visitor to Ueda is reminded of this before even leaving the sleek new Shinkansen train station. Walking out to the street, I spotted the distinctive crest of ...

Feb 9, 2000

Getting away from the skiers in Kyushu and Kyoto winter

When snow falls and the chill winds blow, skiers are happy but others are inclined to stay home. To lure people away from their warm hearths, the tourism industry offers special winter prices and attractions. This is an excellent time to explore areas of ...

Feb 2, 2000

New winter travel bargains opening domestic flight doors

Winter brings Japan's best travel bargains, and this millennium year the bargains are better than ever. This winter sees the long-awaited liberalization of the domestic aviation market. As of Feb. 1, airlines will be free to set fares as they wish. Government guidelines concerning fares ...

Jan 19, 2000

Nagano's 'time-slip' onsen

Many hot spring resorts these days look so similar that it's sometimes hard to remember where you are. Not Bessho Onsen. This ancient spa in a remote Nagano valley has kept true to its origins and resisted the temptation to become just another stereotypical stretch ...

| Sep 15, 1999

Scarecrows are sprouting in Shitamachi

Over one hundred jauntily clad figures line the street where the Koto Ward Office once stood. Ever since the ward office moved to more spacious quarters elsewhere, the local merchants association has worked hard to keep pedestrian traffic heavy along this venerable shopping street. The ...

Aug 11, 1999

Celebrating opening of old doors

NEWPORT, R.I. -- It's hard to faze the sophisticated residents of Newport, R.I., but Konishiki succeeded. The former ozeki was the star attraction at the Black Ships Festival here July 22-25. This festival, an annual event for 16 years, celebrates the city's longstanding association with ...