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C.W. Nicol, a committed environmentalist with deep humanity

Environment Apr 4, 2020

C.W. Nicol, a committed environmentalist with deep humanity

Author and environmentalist C.W. Nicol died on Friday after being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. As a long-standing contributor to The Japan Times, we asked his equally long-standing editor, Andrew Kershaw, to write a few words in memory of the award-winning conservationist

Music Apr 3, 2014

Review: Bob Dylan at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo

Just 123 days after tumultuous applause engulfed the waning strains of "Blowin' In The Wind" to bring Bob Dylan's last concert to an end at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Nov. 28, a similar cacophony awaited him at Tokyo's Zepp DiverCity on ...

Music May 22, 2011

Collector's 'labor of love' is a wonder to behold

From the outside it's just another concrete building rising up nine or 10 stories on a downtown Tokyo street. Inside, it's no more impressive — until Shinichiro Tatsumi opens the well-secured door to his own, private Bob Dylan heaven. What confronts the visitor, Dylan fan ...

Japan and U.K. forge new green links

Environment Aug 29, 2002

Japan and U.K. forge new green links

NAGANO -- Last weekend in Johannesburg, 65,000 people were limbering up for the U.N. World Summit on Sustainable Development. Meanwhile in Kurohime, an hour's drive north of Nagano, two events last Sunday were of far greater significance to most of those involved than anything likely ...

Community Oct 28, 2001

Kyushu's hoard of the purest gold

Down, down, down; bouncing down rock tunnels blasted through the innards of a mountain in the south of Kyushu. Steeply down, left and right and left again until, 225 meters below the mine's entrance, the heat builds up, the sulfur smell gets stronger and ...