Andrew Galbraith

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Commentary / World Apr 3, 2011

Yen for a new global currency

HONG KONG — A growing feeling that the dollar has had its day is still being spoiled by the lack of a ready alternative and by inertia and lack of global political vision or leadership. China's unwillingness to assume international responsibilities is another important ...

Editorials Feb 10, 2011

National sport on its knees

The Japan Sumo Association, rocked by a match-rigging scandal, has decided to cancel Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, which would have started March 13 in Osaka. This is the first time that a grand sumo tournament known as hon-basho has been canceled since the summer ...

Commentary Feb 23, 2007

Iraqi survivors face health-care collapse

NEW YORK -- In a letter addressed to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 100 prestigious doctors have denounced the harm to children's health and lives wrought by the war in Iraq. The signatories -- British doctors who have worked in Iraq, Iraqi doctors, leading ...