Amelie Bottollier-Depois

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Reader Mail Oct 2, 2011

Effects of disenfranchisement

In his Sept. 22 letter, "A prevalent form of propaganda," Greg Leviton addresses a number of points that are often brought up concerning issues in the Middle East. Although I appreciate his ardor in support of Israel, many of these topics are more nuanced ...

Editorials Apr 24, 2011

Food first

The World Bank reported April 14 that world food prices have jumped 37 percent from a year ago. That has pushed an estimated 44 million more people into poverty. As countries around the world recover from weak economies, political instability or, like Japan, from ...

Editorials Oct 16, 2010

NHK reporter crosses the line

Public broadcaster NHK announced Oct. 8 that a reporter in its news department's sports section warned a Japan Sumo Association official that the Metropolitan Police Department would conduct raids on sumo stables to search for evidence indicating that sumo wrestlers had gambled on professional ...

Reader Mail Sep 14, 2008

Same word for English, Spanish

The Sept. 10 article "JICA textbook project helps kids learn 'Guatematica' " states that matematica is the Spanish word for arithmetic. That is incorrect. Matematica means math (mathematics). In Spanish, arithmetic is aritmetica. The words in both English and Spanish have the same Latin ...