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Falling for it hook, line and sinker

General Oct 23, 2001

Falling for it hook, line and sinker

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and it's also the season for one of my favorite saltwater game fish, the hard-fighting Japanese yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata). A member of the jack family, this is the best-known and most widely distributed of three very popular ...

General Mar 7, 2001

It's a flounder to catch but a great fish to eat

The most popular of the many species of flatfish found in Japanese waters, the olive flounder, or hirame, is a challenge to catch and a gourmet treat. With both eyes on the same side of their body, flatfish are among the more distinctive-looking creatures in ...

Travel Feb 7, 2001

Sea bass lure fishing for the urban angler

An exciting year-round sport-fishing opportunity exists literally within the shadows of Japan's largest urban area -- lure fishing for sea bass in Tokyo Bay. Aggressive gamefish, sea bass have been able to survive and prosper in close proximity to human development. They are tolerant of ...

Travel Nov 8, 2000

Catching Dolly Varden trout in Hokkaido's Churui River

After quickly catching my daily limit of pink salmon during a recent fishing trip to eastern Hokkaido's Churui River, I spent the next couple of hours pursuing smaller game, the oshorokoma, Japan's little native Dolly Varden char. This is a fish that makes up ...

Travel Aug 16, 2000

Making a run for the horse mackerel

Abundant, easy to catch and good to eat: an apt description of the scrappy little Japanese horse mackerel. Records show that the fish has been a Japanese favorite since the Nara Period, over 1,000 years ago, and it still has its aficionados today. Many ...

Travel Jul 26, 2000

Summertime and the offshore angling is easy

Summer is here and with it the most exciting angling adventure Japan has to offer -- catching dolphinfish. Not to be confused with the sea mammal of the same name, this is the middle-weight champion of offshore angling. These fish have power, speed and ...

Travel Nov 24, 1999

Lured to Katsuragawa's fishing hot spot

The morning sky looked threatening and my previous day's fishing charter had been rained out, but I still had an overwhelming urge to go out and wet a line. I wanted a place that would not be affected by the weather, that offered a chance ...