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National Oct 12, 2009

Birth control pill still unpopular in Japan

A decade since their much-publicized introduction, low-dose birth control pills are still struggling to gain popularity in Japan due to strong fears about side effects. September marked the 10th anniversary of their introduction in the country, but the number of users was estimated at just ...

National Jan 16, 2008

Group airs problems with artificial insemination

As an academic panel prepares to offer its judgment on the ethics of surrogate birth and related issues, a group of people conceived through artificial insemination by donors is going public to shed light on existing problems. Everyone in the group was conceived with sperm ...

'DNA bar coding' may foster food safety

National Nov 30, 2007

'DNA bar coding' may foster food safety

Imagine that a freighter has just arrived at a Japanese port with a cargo of farm products and an inspector spots a small insect in the load. Does it pose a danger? A ready answer would be available if researchers around the world are able ...

National Jul 18, 2002

In vitro technique rids sperm of HIV, resulting in healthy babies and moms

Japanese doctors have developed an in vitro fertilization technique that could allow the wives of HIV-infected husbands to give birth to healthy babies. The method, developed by doctors at several institutions, including Ogikubo Hospital and Keio University, aims to completely remove the human immunodeficiency virus ...