Marc Champion
Oct 10, 2014
Mourning Excalibur, the dog Ebola didn't kill
A petition to save the pet dog of a Spanish nursing assistant who has contracted Ebola received more than 370,000 signatures before it was sedated and killed. Yet there are no reports of people clashing with police to persuade their governments to do more to help stop the the spread of Ebola in Africa. A university study seems to confirm this preference we have for cute animals over adult humans.
May 30, 2014
Russia's hand in east Ukraine violence is exposed
After the fighting in Donetsk this week, there's no doubt Russia is working to destabilize Ukraine. Countries participating in Russia's South Stream natural gas pipeline project should pull out.
May 27, 2014
Caught between guns and disgust in east Ukraine
Throughout eastern Ukraine, ordinary Ukrainians are caught between the armed thugs of 'The Donetsk Criminal Republic,' a threatening Ukrainian military and a terminally corrupt state. Most have no desire to join Russia, but feel little enthusiasm for the new post-revolutionary order.
May 14, 2014
Nigeria's kidnapped girls and Iran's brave women
Both Turkey and Iran have seen a big expansion in the number of women going to university in recent years. The demand by women to decide their own cloethes and fates will surely grow in tandem.
Mar 11, 2014
Tatars are reason enough to care about Crimea
Put aside the cries of 'Munich' and 'Sudetenland' that surround Russia's ongoing annexation of Crimea. In human terms, Crimea's Tatars are the reason to care.
Dec 16, 2013
Turkey playing 'orientalism' card against West
For many years, most Western journalists defended the Turkish government against the the suspicions of secular Turks who worried about radical Islamic or authoritarian agenda. But the liberal reforms stopped several years ago.
Nov 17, 2013
Turkey's cleavage crackdown goes to college
The paranoid secularists who for a decade have been saying Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan harbored a secret agenda are being proved right.


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