Robert Dujarric
Japan Times
Feb 24, 2023
Taiwan and lessons that can be learned from the Ukraine conflict
The events unfolding in the Ukraine war demonstrate that the response by Taiwan and the United States to Chinese aggression will be a very important factor in determining the end result.
Japan Times
Nov 3, 2017
America's Asian allies in the age of Donald Trump
America's allies must take proactive steps to steer the U.S. back to the right path.
Jan 16, 2017
How Trump could push China and Japan together
Both China and Japan should work together to map out how to survive the Trump era.
Nov 16, 2016
What Abe should tell Trump
Abe must convince Trump that the U.S. global role is not some expensive alimony but an investment that generates a higher rate of return than any building in New York City.
Jan 25, 2016
Japan without ambition
The parochialism of Japan's ruling caste blinds it from seeing how the rest of the world is adapting. Therefore, unless a great leader shows up, Japan will require a massive shock to awake from its slumber.
Nov 17, 2015
Behind Japanese parochialism
Japan's parochialism is embedded in history and the economic, educational and social structure. We should not expect to see more than a slow change — and it might be toward more rather than less isolation.
Japan Times
Mar 17, 2015
Taxpayers shouldn't fund war on Asahi Shimbun
The Abe administration's 'kulturekampf' against Asahi Shimbun makes it look like the Chinese Communist Party in its hostility to a free press.
Mar 3, 2014
Why does the LDP prefer the GOP?
What is the justification for the Liberal Democratic Party's strange preference for America's Republican Party over the years? The two parties have little in common.
Nov 8, 2013
Costly challenge of globalizing Japan's labor force
Japan is way behind in the race to foster professionals who can operate across national, cultural and linguistic barriers. Solutions are not cheap, but the cost of not doing anything is higher.
May 3, 2013
China's rift with Japan is open challenge to U.S.
As Chinese maritime vessels continue to enter the Senkaku Islands' waters, there is continued focus on the tense state of Sino-Japanese relations.
Nov 4, 2010
Why can't Japan be more like South Korea?
Countless commentators both here in Japan and abroad have deplored the insularity of Japanese society. They lament the paucity of Japanese venturing abroad to study, teach or work. Japan's multinational corporations are regularly criticized for failing to internationalize their corporate management.
Jun 19, 2010
U.S. and India must move beyond symbolism
LONDON — The United States held its first ever strategic dialogue with India early June. It covered a whole gamut of issues including high technology trade, science and technology cooperation, civil nuclear cooperation, human resource development and security issues.
May 20, 2010
Immigrants can buoy Japan
It is not possible to spend more than a few minutes with a Japanese diplomat or scholar without hearing the "C," namely China. Most of them are convinced that the People's Republic is expanding its global influence while Japan's is shrinking. The entire world, and most worryingly Asia, which used to...
Apr 14, 2010
For Japan to thrive, the wall must come down
More than 20 years have passed since the Berlin Wall fell, yet Japan remains shut out from the rest of humanity by its own wall. Though it is a shapeless partition that we cannot touch, it nevertheless cuts off the country from the world beyond its shores. What are the characteristics of this invisible...
Oct 27, 2009
Tokyo needs to get over the G8
The financial meltdown of 2008 has accelerated the decay of the Group of Eight. One of the ideas circulating is to discontinue the group and replace it with the G20. Within the G20, there would be a G4 made up of the biggest players — Japan, the United States, China and the European Union.
Aug 3, 2009
Angst over opposition rule
There is a palpable sense of anxiety in some quarters in Japan at the prospects of a Democratic Party of Japan-led majority emerging from the Aug. 30 Lower House elections.
Jul 29, 2009
All stimulus roads lead to China
BEIJING — Now that the "green shoots" of recovery have withered, the debate over fiscal stimulus is back with a vengeance. In the United States, those who argue for another stimulus package observe that it was always wishful thinking to believe that a $787 billion package could offset a $3...
Jun 17, 2009
Incoming ambassador Roos is right for the job
After months of speculation, U.S. President Barack Obama recently nominated John V. Roos to represent the United States in Tokyo. Roos, like several American ambassadors, earned his position as a top Democratic fundraiser during the U.S. presidential campaign. As the head of a major Silicon Valley law...
May 16, 2009
Hurdles to a Japanese F-22
North Korea's return to saber-rattling has brought military affairs back to the top of the Japan-U.S. agenda. As many Japanese continue to have — unfounded — doubts about the commitment of the Obama administration to the bilateral alliance, they are pushing for Washington to allow Japan to...
Mar 5, 2009
Lessons from history for abduction policy
To the delight of the Aso administration, Hillary Clinton not only first made Japan her first foreign visit as U.S. secretary of state, but she met with families of Japanese abducted by North Korea. Unfortunately, by giving the impression that she agrees with Japan, her gesture may prevent a much-needed...


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