Angelo Amante
Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks following the announcement of the partial results of the European Parliament elections, in Rome on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 10, 2024
Italy's PM Meloni comes out on top in EU vote, strengthening her hand
With 96% of the ballots counted, Meloni's Brothers of Italy won 28.8% of the vote, more than four times what it took in the last EU election in 2019.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ahead of her meeting with Mohammed Mustafa, Palestinian Authority prime minister, at the Chigi Palace in Rome on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
May 29, 2024
Once ostracized, Italy's Meloni is now center stage in Europe
If Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni backs center-right European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for a second term, expect the Italian leader's influence to grow.
The remains of an Iranian rocket booster near Arad, Israel, on Sunday
WORLD / Politics
Apr 16, 2024
Wars set to dominate G7 foreign ministers talks as calls for peace go unheard
A unified front between Western powers has not been enough to bring peace either to Ukraine or the Middle East.
Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni attends a European Union leaders summit in Brussels on March 22.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 29, 2024
Meloni-Le Pen rift mars far right's prospects of wielding EU power
Divisions within Europe's nationalist right that may stymie efforts to wield power at an EU level despite record support.
A Houthi military helicopter flies over the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea in this photo released on Nov. 20.
WORLD / Politics
Dec 29, 2023
U.S. allies reluctant on Red Sea task force
Italy and Spain have issued statements appearing to distance themselves from Operation Prosperity Guardian.
Japan Times
Jun 13, 2023
What's next for Italy's coalition after Berlusconi's death?
Analysts believe members of Berlusconi's Forza Italia will increasingly be tempted to shift allegiance to other parties without the media tycoon keeping them afloat.
Japan Times
Dec 6, 2022
Enel turns to Sicily to take on China's solar dominance
The project to expand the capacity of Enel's 3Sun plant is especially relevant as the European Union seeks to speed up the switch to renewables and end its dependence on Russian gas.
Japan Times
Jul 21, 2022
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns after coalition falls apart
Italy's coalition crumbled on Wednesday when three of Draghi's main partners snubbed a confidence vote he had called to try to end divisions and renew their fractious alliance.
Japan Times
Jul 15, 2022
Italian president urges Prime Minister Mario Draghi not to quit
Italy's political parties are increasingly divided over issues such as the rising cost of living and how to respond to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Japan Times
WORLD / Society
Jan 29, 2020
Italy allows rescue boat with 403 migrants aboard to dock after days stranded at sea
A charity ship carrying hundreds of people rescued in the Mediterranean said on Tuesday it had received permission to dock in Italy as European governments tried to agree where the migrants should go.


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