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Local residents look at damage at a site of a Russian missile strike in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Tuesday.
WORLD / Politics
May 2, 2024
U.S. issues hundreds of sanctions targeting Russia and takes aim at Chinese firms
Of the nearly 300 targets onto which the U.S. imposed sanctions, 20 are companies based in China and Hong Kong.
Rescuers work at a site of a residential building heavily damaged during a Russian missile attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Jan. 23.
WORLD / Politics
Feb 15, 2024
U.S. and EU talk Russia sanctions ahead of Ukraine war anniversary
A senior U.S. official said Washington and its allies are prepared to mark the war anniversary with "robust" sanctions.
People carry a coffin as a mass funeral takes place to bury victims of a military strike on a camp for displaced people near the northern Myanmar town of Laiza on Oct. 10.
Nov 1, 2023
U.S. targets Myanmar's state energy firm with partial sanctions
The action prohibits certain financial services by Americans to the state oil and gas enterprise starting on Dec. 15, the Treasury said in a statement.
General Abdourahmane Tiani, who was declared as the new head of state of Niger by leaders of a coup, arrives to meet with ministers in Niamey, Niger, on July 28.
Aug 11, 2023
U.S. military mission in Niger in focus after coup
U.S. troops have trained Nigerien forces in counterterrorism and operated two military bases, including one that conducts drone missions.
Beijing's Ministry of State Security said China should create a system that makes it 'normal' for regular people to participate in counter-espionage.
Aug 3, 2023
U.S. raises concerns over China's counter-espionage push
Washington worries that foreign companies in China could be punished for regular business activities.
Supporters wave flags as they rally in support of Niger's junta in front of the National Assembly in Niamey on Sunday.
Aug 1, 2023
U.S. sees narrow opportunity to reverse course in Niger after coup
The U.S. has condemned the junta's overthrow of elected President Mohamed Bazoum.
Japan Times
Feb 1, 2023
U.S. and allies mark anniversary of Myanmar coup with more sanctions
Washington imposed sanctions on the Union Election Commission, mining enterprises and energy officials, among others.
Japan Times
Dec 15, 2022
Eyeing China, Biden says U.S. is 'all in' on Africa
Biden's remarks aim to show that the United States is a better partner for Africa than China.
Japan Times
Sep 24, 2022
'Time is up': Countries trapped in climate crisis raise alarm at U.N.
During the gathering of world leaders at the U.N. this week, Vanuatu urged the world to focus on combating global warming by calling for a fossil fuel nonproliferation treaty.
Japan Times
Feb 28, 2022
How the U.S. could tighten sanctions on Russia
The United States has imposed several rafts of sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine while saying all options are on the table for additional action.
Japan Times
Feb 15, 2022
'Vladdy daddy please no war...': Russia-Ukraine tensions loom large on social media
Gen Z is turning to TikTok and Instagram to hash over the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, while TikTok has become a source for researchers tracking Moscow's buildup.
Japan Times
Jul 2, 2021
U.S. calls buildup of China's nuclear arsenal 'concerning'
The buildup had become more difficult for China to hide and it appeared it was deviating from decades of nuclear strategy based around minimal deterrence, a U.S. spokesperson said.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Dec 17, 2020
Biden likely to keep using sanctions weapon but with sharper aim
Biden is expected to make clear that sanctions will remain a central instrument of U.S. power — although it will no longer be deployed with the 'America First” bravado.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Nov 7, 2020
Georgia likely to have recount due to slim margin, says secretary of state
Georgia's secretary of state on Friday said he expects a recount due to the small margin for the presidential election in the battleground state, where Democrat Joe Biden has a small lead over Republican President Donald Trump.


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