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Japanese civil engineering group Infroneer said it would buy Japan Wind Development from Bain Capital for about $1.4 billion.
BUSINESS / Companies
Dec 12, 2023
Japan's Infroneer to buy Japan Wind Development from Bain Capital
The $1.4 billion acquisition will expand the Japanese civil engineering group's renewable energy business.
A man walks through the Central Business District on a rainy day, in Beijing.
BUSINESS / Economy
Nov 28, 2023
West's de-risking starts to bite China's prospects
China is outwardly confident about growth despite a global economic slowdown
Students stand during a flag-lowering ceremony on the first day of the new academic year in Shanghai in 2021.
BUSINESS / Economy
Nov 8, 2023
China's private schools struggle amid COVID and regulatory woes
The sector stumbled after Beijing imposed new rules in 2021 and cracked down on the private tutoring business.
Japan Times
Aug 23, 2022
Olympus nearing deal to sell microscope unit for over $2 billion, sources say
Olympus has been restructuring in recent years with the aim of focusing solely on medical technology.
Japan Times
Jan 24, 2022
Hong Kong’s financial sector faces talent crunch as expats head for the exit
Hong Kong's draconian "COVID zero" policies, in line with China's, is prompting many expats to think about leaving in favor of places with less restrictions.
Japan Times
Nov 5, 2021
Jack Ma, Trump and Xi: How a Chinese billionaire flew close to the sun
The story of the billionaire e-commerce tycoon's fall from official favor helps illustrate how rapidly China has transformed under Xi Jinping.
Japan Times
Aug 3, 2021
Liu Xiang the inspiration behind Su Bingtian's stellar Olympic sprint
Su finished sixth in the men's 100 meters final on Sunday after qualifying joint-fastest to give China its most high-profile male athletics performance since 2004.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 2, 2020
Secrecy and speed: Inside Ant Group’s unusual IPO process
The fintech giant is following a highly unusual process that draws on some of the tactics its former parent and affiliate Alibaba Group has previously used.
Reader Mail
Feb 23, 2012
Heart of Japan's administration
Jeff Kingston's Feb. 6 review of my recent book, "JAPAN'S NUCLEAR CRISIS: The Routes of Responsibility," is baffling. Kingston thinks that the title misleads and that the work is hastily cobbled together, relying on materials from prior texts. He protests that I do not put the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) at the "scene of the crime." He supports his arguments with commentary from my book, but uses them out of context.
Apr 25, 2011
Mideast unnerving North Korea
North Korea's ruler and his heir apparent are scared stiff at the prospect of prodemocracy movements spreading from the Middle East and northern Africa to their home turf.


At the Akan International Crane Center, just north of the city of Kushiro proper, visitors can see the majestic red-crowned crane — a symbol of Hokkaido.
Faces of the north: A Hokkaido town grapples with depopulation