Nonna Chernyakova
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Sep 19, 2004
Chechen-Arab connection goes far back
CHICAGO -- As gunmen seized a school full of hostages in southern Russia last week, President Vladimir Putin had held a meeting that might have seemed to some like a distraction.
Dec 29, 2002
'Russian spirit' headed down the hatch
MOSCOW -- With the winter holidays upon us, Russians are looking forward to the longest drinking binge of the year. It started with "Western" Christmas, which Russians began celebrating after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then come New Year's Eve, Russian Orthodox Christmas on Jan. 7 and the old...
Jul 4, 2002
The Cyprus connection: How Milosevic evaded arms sanctions
NICOSIA, Cyprus -- On Dec. 27, 1998, a Yugoslav named Drakomir Stojkovic flew from Belgrade to Cyprus's Larnaca airport on a private jet carrying bags stuffed with 35 million deutsche marks -- worth roughly $17 million.
Jul 5, 2001
Life improving for Russian residents of the disputed Northern Territories
KURILSK, Russia -- After a time of neglect, the federal and local government are investing more in the economy of the Southern Kurils -- a group of disputed islands governed by Russia but also claimed by Japan. As the life of the islanders is gradually improving, they are less likely to agree to transferring...
Dec 21, 2000
Time once again for Russia's perennial heating crisis
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia -- The communist central planners who designed modern Russia's infrastructure devised a system of boiling water kilometers from where it is needed, running it through aboveground pipes across a region where temperatures can drop as low as minus 40 C -- and expected this to warm the...
Aug 7, 2000
Muslims under fire in Russian Far East
PETROPAVLOSK-KAMCHATSKY, Russia -- When Usman Usmanov laid the cornerstone of the first mosque in the Russian Far East last summer, he was thrilled to see the start of a spiritual center for 30,000 Muslims in the Kamchatka region.
Jun 8, 2000
Russian women turn to the Net for love and a life abroad
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia -- Yelena Sokolova was in a deep depression after she divorced her husband, and some friends decided to lift her spirits. They scanned a picture of her and placed it with a personal ad on an Internet site for those seeking marriage.
Feb 13, 2000
Theft runs rampant in Russian military
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia -- Weeks after the theft of radioactive material from a nuclear submarine, military prosecutors in the remote Kamchatka region have admitted the theft and added that theft of army equipment is an increasingly serious problem.


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