Akemi Nakamura
Japan Times
Mar 9, 2006
Working women still battle bias
Setsuko Honma was dismayed when she learned of the contents of a bill to revise the Equal Employment Opportunity Law that was submitted Tuesday to the Diet.
Japan Times
Feb 24, 2006
Upgrade plan finds Shimokitazawa split
A popular Tokyo shopping and nightlife district is slated to get a major face-lift, and some local residents are resisting, saying they want their neighborhood to stay as is.
Japan Times
Feb 21, 2006
Child killings cast light on isolated foreign moms
The arrest of a Chinese woman in Friday's fatal stabbing of two children she routinely drove to kindergarten in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture, has cast a light on the problems foreigners face in trying to fit into Japanese society.
Japan Times
Feb 1, 2006
'Gender-free' hard to define, harder to sell
Last year's cancellation of lectures on human rights in Kokubunji, Tokyo, has pitted key feminist scholar Chizuko Ueno and free-speech advocates against conservatives in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government opposed to the use of "gender-free" -- a term whose definition varies but somehow conjures up negative...
Jan 1, 2006
Elderly of tomorrow can count on technology, researchers say
Poor eyesight and hearing, and reduced physical strength often discourage elderly people from going out alone or visiting unfamiliar places where they can easily get tired or lost.
Dec 30, 2005
Rare-disease sufferers want drugs fast-tracked
, a rare, life-threatening disease caused by a deficiency in a lysosomal enzyme. The hereditary, progressive illness causes mental retardation, poor vision and stiffness in the joints. Tomoki's only chance of getting better is to have a bone marrow or blood transplant from an umbilical cord, but his...
Dec 29, 2005
Newest 'shogi' pro followed unlikely path
debuts Dec. 12 as a pro "shogi" (Japanese chess) player against amateur champ Toru Shimizugami at Shogi Kaikan in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
Japan Times
Dec 28, 2005
English immersion of toddlers on the rise
Mana Kitazawa was 18 months old in September 2004 when she first started going to Poppins International Preschool in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
Japan Times
Dec 10, 2005
Trailblazing volunteer reflects on path to NGO icon status
When Keiko Kiyama went to Yugoslavia in the early 1990s to help people in the war-torn region, many Japanese probably thought her a bit eccentric.
Nov 5, 2005
Inoguchi wants more money for kids
the low birthrate, so (the government) needs to reinforce measures" to tackle the problem, Kuniko Inoguchi, 53, a former professor of international politics at Sophia University, said in an interview Wednesday. "If the birthrate keeps falling, we will not be able to support our aging society." Japan's...
Japan Times
Nov 3, 2005
Make English mandatory for elementary pupils, Kosaka says
The new education minister believes English education should be made mandatory for elementary school students.
Japan Times
Oct 29, 2005
Soldier's son in search for other veterans' kin
Koichi Ogawa began searching for the relatives of a Japanese soldier who died in the battle of Okinawa after receiving the soldier's identification tag from William Fischer, a former U.S. Navy officer, in June.
Oct 21, 2005
Blue Planet winners urge more CO2-cutting efforts
and Gordon Hisashi Sato, winners of the 2005 Blue Planet Prize, congratulate each other Wednesday at a news conference in Tokyo.
Oct 18, 2005
Winners of Praemium Imperiale named
The 17th Praemium Imperiale prizes this year went to painter Robert Ryman, fashion designer Issey Miyake, architect Yoshio Taniguchi, pianist Martha Argerich, and dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham, the Japan Art Association announced Monday.
Japan Times
Features / WEEK 3
Oct 16, 2005
'Robinson Crusoe" has fascinated explorer Daisuke Takahashi ever since his elementary school days, when he first read the classic adventure tale about a British sailor who lived on a desert island for 28 years. Imagining that he, too, was marooned on an isolated island, the young Takahashi would roast...
Japan Times
Sep 24, 2005
After-lunch nap can perk up kids who get the nods in class: expert
It's an afternoon class and most of the pupils are trying to fight off drowsiness -- an experience most people perhaps can identify with.
Japan Times
Sep 17, 2005
Local version of wedding magazine teaches men how to tie the knot
While brides-to-be may complain that their future spouses do nothing to help them prepare for the big day, it's often the case that men just don't have a clue about what to do to help.
Sep 3, 2005
Textbook revisionists plan to diversify
Despite the marginal adoption of its contentious history textbook, which critics say whitewashes Japan's wartime aggression, the group that compiled the book said Friday it now plans to pen a junior high school geography textbook.
Sep 2, 2005
Groups against revisionist history text call campaign a success
Civic groups opposing a contentious revisionist history textbook on Thursday hailed the result of the publisher's recent survey, as well as their own, that less than 1 percent of the nation's junior high schools are likely to use the book from next April.
Japan Times
Aug 25, 2005
Teacher hopes flag badges gladden forlorn foreigners
Yoko Hijikata, a Japanese-language teacher, often hears students complain how Japanese tend to turn a blind eye to foreigners they see experiencing trouble on the streets.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan