The Japan Times, Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. President: Mr. Takeharu Tsutsumi) has added new content — The Japan Advertiser (1913-1940) — to its digital archives, The Japan Times Archives (1897-2018).

Published during a period encompassing the Taisho Period and the early Showa Era, The Japan Advertiser depicts the Japan of almost a century ago from the perspective of foreign journalists. The content includes news articles as well as stories aimed at foreigners living in Japan that introduced Japanese culture, and advertising that reflects the social and economic climate of those times.

The Japan Times Archives is a record of 121 years — from the paper’s launch in 1897 to 2018. Since its release in 2013, the digital archive has attracted the attention of university libraries and research institutes as a valued English-language record of Japan’s history.

Calling itself “Far East No. 1,” The Japan Advertiser was launched in Yokohama in 1890 by an American named R. Meiklejohn, who had bases in various parts of Asia and relied on a network of American journalists. For historical research, the database sheds light not only modern Japan’s origins but also the West’s interaction with the country.

Outline of The Japan Advertiser

Product name: The Japan Advertiser digital edition
Period: 1913 (Taisho 2)-1940 (Showa 15)
Content: 72,657 pages; daily paper

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1) Optional purchase with The Japan Times Archives

2) Independent purchase
Website: http://jtimes.jp/archives
*This product is currently only available for institutions, not individuals.

Outline of The Japan Times Archives

The Japan Times Archive is a searchable story database comprising 500,000 pages and spanning about 120 years, from the first issue of 1897 to the present. Each year, the previous year is digitized. In 2018, The Japan Times of the 1860s, which was published during the final days of the Edo Period, was added to the archives.

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