Today The Japan Times, Ltd. is celebrating its 120th anniversary of its inaugural issue with a new corporate logo – the first in 30 years – and a redesign of the newspaper.

The Japan Times was launched on March 22, 1897, as the first English-language newspaper published by Japanese people. Under its slogan “All the news without fear of favor,” The Japan Times has played a vital role in the dissemination of news about Japan to the world.

As Japan has attracted worldwide attention in recent years, due to events such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the importance of accurately reporting the reality of Japan has become as crucial as ever. As we reach our 120th milestone and signal our commitment to change with a new logo, we will continue to evolve while focusing on our mission of conveying news about Japan.

Additionally, throughout the year, we will be implementing a wide range of initiatives, including a commemorative beer, a book-store fair and an exhibition about the history of English-language newspapers in Japan.

■ New corporate logo / 120th anniversary logo

<New logo concept>

“In creating our new logo, we sought to encapsulate both The Japan Times of old and the modern times we live in. It’s that blend of tradition and ‘the new’ people expect when they come to Japan. The logo needed to reflect that, and I think we have achieved it.”
The Japan Times Art Director, Andrew Lee

<New design features>

  • Emphasis on “readability”
  • Greater accentuation of photos and other graphic visuals.
  • Shift from an 8-column grid to a 6-column grid makes it easier to read long articles and large-scale editorial
  • Greater use of color on Lifestyle & Culture pages

【120th anniversary-related items】

■ Sales of commemorative beer (Haru no Ibuki)

This beer – Haru no Ibuki – is the result of a business collaboration between The Japan Times, Belgian beer bar Brussels Ltd., and Kyoto Brewing Co. The fruit saison style brew, which contains no preservatives and uses a wax-free ponkan fruit from Ehime Prefecture, has a bright taste and a clearly recognizable citrus aroma.

Sales locations (on sale from March 22 in limited supply): Brussels (Kanda / Kagurazaka / Otemachi); au Fil des Jours (Uchiwaisaicho); Cafe Hoegaarden (Shinjuku);
Crepuscule Cafe (Sendai)

■ Kinokuniya Bookstore 90th Anniversary × The Japan Times 120th Anniversary Language-Study Book Fair

A language-study book fair is currently being held on the 8th floor
Kinokuniya’s main store in Shinjuku until April 9.

Information about The Japan Times, from its first edition
to the current day, is on display, as well as content about
the founding of Kinokuniya.

■ <October>Exhibition on The Japan Times at the Japan Newspaper Museum

This exhibition will run from Oct. 7 to Dec. 24 at the
Japan Newspaper Museum in Yokohama. The exhibition will focus
on the history of English newspapers in Japan and what The
Japan Times has reported on about Japan and its culture.

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