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National / Politics Jan 26, 2014

LDP plans fresh talks with ally on collective defense

The Liberal Democratic Party's No. 2 executive said Sunday the party will again try to persuade its Buddhist coalition partner, New Komeito, that Japan should be allowed to exercise the right to collective self-defense. "We will discuss the issue with New Komeito to find common ...

No plan best plan in Kansai nuclear disaster

National | KANSAI PERSPECTIVE Jan 26, 2014

No plan best plan in Kansai nuclear disaster

by Eric Johnston

Ten months after regional governments were required to submit nuclear disaster evacuation plans, a lack of central government guidance and local-level cooperation is generating concern that Kansai will be ill-prepared to respond if any of Fukui Prefecture's 13 commercial reactors suffers a meltdown. Questions remain ...

National Jan 26, 2014

Tsunami-hit city shares recovery tips with typhoon-hit Philippines

A city in Miyagi Prefecture that was devastated by the March 2011 disasters is sharing its recovery lessons with the central Philippines, which is trying to recover from the damage Typhoon Haiyan inflicted in November. Shuya Takahashi of Higashi-Matsushima's Reconstruction Policy Division said the city ...

Farmers reaping benefits with apps

National Jan 26, 2014

Farmers reaping benefits with apps

by Yuko Fukaya

Smartphone apps that help farmers monitor crops and control costs are becoming popular as the rapid graying of the population continues to thin the ranks of skilled veterans in agriculture. Software developers are interested in developing applications for agriculture because the threat perceived from the ...

French women defy stereotypes

World Jan 26, 2014

French women defy stereotypes

Shock news: French women do get fat, they have brattish, fussy-eater children, chipped nails, they sometimes sleep on their own wearing big cotton knickers and they do mind if their husband is enjoying "cinq-a-sept" trysts with his mistress. President Francois Hollande's split from his "official" ...

Editorials Jan 26, 2014

Leadership change at Keidanren

Keidanren has selected a new leader just as its clout declines and it faces challenges to its role as the nation's most powerful business lobby.

Commentary / World Jan 26, 2014

War appetite outlasts an era

by William Pfaff

If there is no longer a British Empire and the American effort to sustain Europe while creating a new, balanced, Israel-friendly greater Middle East has failed, does the continued appetite for war and conquest mean that Darwin was wrong?

Editorials Jan 26, 2014

Guarding against norovirus

Norovirus food poisoning is back this season, and the health ministry says the number of cases has been on the rise for the past 10 years. No drug or vaccine will weaken or kill norovirus. Hand-washing with soap is the best preventive.

Healing words for a hospital stay

Language | BILINGUAL Jan 26, 2014

Healing words for a hospital stay

by Wes Lang

One morning, you wake up feeling kibun ga warui (気分が悪い, under the weather) and slightly darui (怠い, lethargic). Rising out of bed, you take two steps forward when the world goes dark and you taoreru (倒れる, pass out). In a panic, your roommate calls ...

Basketball Jan 26, 2014

East tops West in All-Star Game

by Ed Odeven

In a fast-paced game highlighted by slam dunks (19 in all) and rapid-fire 3-point shooting (the teams combined for 87), a stellar start and balanced scoring carried the Eastern Conference to a 98-91 triumph over the Western Conference at the 2013-14 All-Star Game on ...