From Nov. 1, 2013, The Japan Times began offering digital subscriptions as well as unlimited digital access for our print subscribers.

Whether you’re at your laptop or on your mobile device, we can enjoy the finest English-language news coverage of Japan with only a web browser. No downloads necessary.

Subscribers to The Japan Times / International New York Times print edition, which launched Oct. 16, can enjoy full access to all content on The Japan Times website, as well as free access to the nytimes.com and selected apps.

Unregistered readers are entitled to read five articles each month, free of charge. The front page and category index pages of the Japan Times website will remain free to all readers.

Once readers have completed a simple registration process, via email or social media logins, they will be able to read up to 20 articles each month for free.

Readers wishing to read more stories may choose from  two subscription plans: Digital and Digital Lite. Digital subscribers have full access to all content on the Japan Times website, while Digital Lite plans allow users to view 80 stories a month. Readers can also extend their Lite subscriptions with booster pack of 60 and 80 stories.

Digital (excluding Lite) and print subscribers can now also download PDF versions of TV page listings.

To sign up for any of these plans, please see our digital subscription showcase page.

For more information, please read our FAQs.

The Japan Times digital content Monthly fee
Non-registered user 5 articles per month Free
Registered user 20 articles per month
(including 5 as an unregistered user)
Digital Lite subscription 80 articles per month (including 20 as a registered user) ¥900 / $US9
Digital subscription Unlimited access to all content and services ¥3,000 / $US30
Print subscription to The Japan Times/ International New York Times Unlimited access to all content and services the Japan Times website and nytimes.com ¥5,000 (only domestic)