The Japanese agency for a popular cartoon series featuring the robotic cat Doraemon has sent a complaint to a U.S. government agency over its use of a “quite similar” character on its Web site.

Fujiko Pro, the holder of Doraemon’s copyright, has determined that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is using a character named Broadband on its Web site section for children that is almost identical to Doraemon, according to the agency, Shogakukan Production Co.

Shogakukan Production, entrusted by Fujiko Pro with copyright protection, said it has sent a written complaint along with documents, including excerpts from the cartoon, to the FCC, requesting the commission seek permission whenever it uses the character for the purpose of profit.

The FCC has not responded, the agency said, adding that Broadband is still on the site.

Broadband appears as a guide on the Web site’s Kids Zone.