A Vietnamese woman and her two daughters in Kanagawa Prefecture are on the verge of being deported because her visa expired in January and the immigration office is withholding an extension.

The immigration office alleges that the passport held by Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc, 39, a resident of the city of Ayase, contains false information in violation of the Immigration Control Law, a support group for the family said Thursday.

The group said that Nguyen applied for an extension to her visa in January at the Yokohama branch of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, but the bureau refused to comply after noticing that the birth date in her passport differed from that in her old passport.

The immigration bureau said the woman previously overstayed her visa in Japan in 1995, when she first entered the country, and alleges she deliberately gave the false date of birth to Vietnamese authorities to mask her record. The bureau said it is currently checking her documents and records for a possible violation of the Immigration Control Law and other laws. It said she and her Vietnamese-born daughters could be deported if it finds any violations.

The support group said the difference in the dates of birth is due to the issuance of birth certificates with incorrect dates by Vietnamese authorities during the Vietnam War.

Nguyen said she did not notice the error in her old passport when it was issued. The birth date in the new passport is correct, she said.

The mother and daughters will ask the immigration bureau to allow them to stay in Japan because they do not want to be separated from the woman’s Vietnamese husband, who has permanent residency in Japan.

The group said Nguyen first entered Japan in 1995 and voluntarily left after her visa expired. She came back to Japan in 2001 with her two daughters to live with her Vietnamese husband.

Her new passport reportedly carries a birth date five years later than the date appearing in the old passport.