Feb 2, 2015

Nagoya student made no effort to hide victim's corpse

A female 19-year-old student who has admitted killing an elderly woman and poisoning a male high school classmate appeared to show no discomfort over what she did, allowing the woman’s corpse to remain in her apartment for weeks as it decomposed.

Jan 5, 2015

Nagoya 'Like' card campaign launched to combat traffic fatalities

Being pulled over by the police can be an unsettling experience, but officers in Nagoya are stopping pedestrians and cyclists to praise their “traffic etiquette.” As part of an effort to reduce traffic fatalities in Aichi Prefecture, which leads the nation in that category, ...

Nagoya YWCA offers language classes with day care

| Dec 5, 2014

Nagoya YWCA offers language classes with day care

The Nagoya YWCA School of Japanese Language in Aichi Prefecture has added a “Bambina” course to its curriculum. Targeted at foreign parents with preschool children, the lessons cover expressions useful for daily life with a focus on those helpful for looking after toddlers in ...