Aug 16, 2016

IOC punishes Egyptian who refusesd to shake Israeli's hand

An Egyptian athlete who refused to shake his Israeli opponent’s hand after their judo bout has been reprimanded and sent home from the Rio Olympics, officials said Monday. The International Olympic Committee said Islam El Shehaby received a “severe reprimand” for his behavior following ...

Egyptian judoka refuses to shake Israeli opponent's hand

Aug 13, 2016

Egyptian judoka refuses to shake Israeli opponent's hand

Middle Eastern politics spilled onto the judo mat Friday at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics when an Egyptian competitor refused to shake hands with his winning Israeli opponent. Islam El Shehaby, an ultraconservative Salafi Muslim, had come under pressure before the games from Islamist-leaning ...

Playoff MVP Ravenel to join Israel's Maccabi Haifa

Aug 12, 2016

Playoff MVP Ravenel to join Israel's Maccabi Haifa


After being named playoff MVP in May and helping the Ryukyu Golden Kings secure their fourth championship in the bj-league’s 11th and final season, Evan Ravenel is taking his hoop talents to Israel. Instead of remaining with Ryukyu during the inaugural B. League campaign, ...

Jul 12, 2016

Israel approves contentious NGO foreign funding law

The Israeli parliament finalized a controversial law compelling nongovernmental organizations that receive most of their funding from foreign state entities to declare it in official reports, a spokesman said Tuesday. The law, seen by critics as targeting left-wing groups that campaign for Palestinian rights, ...

Jul 8, 2016

'Probable' EgyptAir debris washes up on Israeli beach

Aircraft debris believed to have come from an EgyptAir crash in May has washed up on a beach near Tel Aviv, an official in the Israeli premier’s office said Friday. “Debris has been collected and there is a high probability that it originates from ...