Still staying in? Here are few Take 5 TV selections to savor from home or to inspire you get out there (but don’t forget that mask).

  • So it was supposed to open this summer. Then they said it would be next spring. And now they’re saying — coronavirus surges be damned! — it’s February. We’re talking about USJ’s Super Nintendo World, of course, and some people are super-stoked.
  • Also on the horizon is the hotly anticipated unveiling of this big guy called Gundam. So how does an 18-meter, 25-ton robot move? Very slooowly but it’s a sight to behold, and mecha fans will finally be able to do in person from Dec. 18.
  • For those who prefer to be moved by the majesty of nature, take a hike with Nate Reutter and friends as he navigates the perilous precipices of Kurobe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture, which is particularly stunning cloaked in autumnal orange and brown. (And if you suffer from acrophobia, skip on to the next one.)
  • We wouldn’t normally recommend commercials, but it’s hard not to be moved by this one from Nike Japan. Touching on the issues of race, ethnicity and bullying, and all that entails for kids in the Japanese education system, the spot is ultimately about not waiting for change and just doing it. Naomi obviously approves this message. (English captions are available).
  • And now, if you are looking for something completely different, we present a recent event in Tottori Prefecture. They called it an e-sports tournament, and who are we to deny them their fighting crab fun? You really need to see it for yourself. Words escape us.