Harumafuji had with no choice but to retire

Sumo | INSIDE SUMO Nov 29, 2017

Harumafuji had with no choice but to retire

by John Gunning

Yokozuna Harumafuji announced his intention to retire at a press conference on Wednesday. The decision is the result of a scandal involving the violent beating of a junior wrestler, and now means the careers of the last two yokozuna to retire end under a cloud. The ...

Sumo | SUMO SCRIBBLINGS Dec 2, 2013

Little-man sumo pays off for Harumafuji

by Mark Buckton

It was without doubt one of the most disappointing yokozuna-yokozuna bouts in recent years. When Harumafuji’s disappointing hit-and-run technique against fellow Mongolian Hakuho on Nov. 24 gave him the championship after an action-packed 15 days, few were that impressed. Instead, rather that his sixth yusho to ...