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A plan is being considered to transfer residents and tourists from the Sakishima islands via Kagoshima and Fukuoka airports in the event of a Taiwan contingency.
Feb 28, 2024
Japan mulls Taiwan contingency evacuation routes for remote islands
The envisioned evacuation plans will be drawn up by prefectural governments in fiscal 2024.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Regional Voices: Okinawa
Dec 5, 2022
Okinawa's remote islands near Taiwan planning for defense contingencies
Plans prepared under the Civil Protection Law cover situations such as armed attacks from outside the country and emergency responses to incidents such as acts of terrorism.
Japan Times
Dec 4, 2022
Japan's Meteorological Agency says there was no tsunami impact from Java volcano
Japan's weather agency said there was no tsunami impact in Okinawa from an Indonesian volcano that erupted on Sunday.
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Jun 15, 2018
Bicycles and buffalo on tiny Taketomi Island
Take your time cycling through Taketomi Island, but don't pass on opportunities to fully experience its beaches, views and local cuisine.
Oct 27, 2013
Taketomi Town's prerogative
The education ministry has cherry-picked a provision of the Local Autonomy Law to try to justify its order to compel a town in the Yaeyama Islands to adopt a textbook for junior high schools.
Oct 10, 2013
Political intervention in education
The education ministry should drop its threat to have Taketomi Town of Okinawa Prefecture declared a scofflaw for refusing to adopt a school civics textbook selected by an area council.
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Oct 5, 2013
Sweet times on sugar-isle Kohama
In our minds, islands should be counter worlds, autarchies unsullied by continental concerns. We should arrive spellbound, leave anointed by their beauty.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan