Editorials Oct 27, 2013

Taketomi Town's prerogative

The education ministry has cherry-picked a provision of the Local Autonomy Law to try to justify its order to compel a town in the Yaeyama Islands to adopt a textbook for junior high schools.

Editorials Oct 10, 2013

Political intervention in education

The education ministry should drop its threat to have Taketomi Town of Okinawa Prefecture declared a scofflaw for refusing to adopt a school civics textbook selected by an area council.

Sweet times on sugar-isle Kohama

Travel Oct 5, 2013

Sweet times on sugar-isle Kohama

by Stephen Mansfield

In our minds, islands should be counter worlds, autarchies unsullied by continental concerns. We should arrive spellbound, leave anointed by their beauty. Wherever in the world you might be, it is virtually impossible to set foot on an island without experiencing the sensation that you ...