Editorials Dec 6, 2013

Government without oversight

Even if the state secrets bill becomes a law, it will be important for people to continue grass-roots movements to oppose it and to prevent from being used to curb their right to know and to express their thought and opinions.

Secrets bill raises fears among nuclear foes

National | KANSAI PERSPECTIVE Nov 24, 2013

Secrets bill raises fears among nuclear foes

by Eric Johnston

In late 2005, U.S. government officials, invited by Japan, observed a counterterrorism drill at the Mihama nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture and came away worried about the security situation at the complex. Some 2,000 police officers, firefighters, nuclear power officials, local authorities and residents were ...

National Nov 20, 2013

Group makes no secret of opposition to bill

by Keiji Hirano

In the face of moves to amend the postwar Constitution, about 500 people gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to promote the importance of maintaining its pacifistic ideals. At the outset of the gathering, sponsored by the pro-constitutional Article 9 Association, Yasuhiro Okudaira, a professor emeritus ...