Sumo Apr 1, 2017

Ex-ozeki Kotooshu opens own stable

Former Bulgarian ozeki Kotooshu established his new own stable on Saturday, making him sumo's first European-born stablemaster. The 34-year-old, who has been coaching at Sadogatake stable as sumo elder Naruto since his retirement in March 2014, won a single championship in May 2008 and occupied ...

Sumo Jul 16, 2016

Ailing ozeki pulls out of tournament

Ozeki Kotoshogiku has withdrawn from the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament due to injury, his stablemaster Sadogatake said on Saturday. Kotoshogiku, who became the first Japanese-born wrestler in a decade to win a championship title with triumph at the New Year Basho in January, has been ...

Kotoyuki, Ikioi reach sekiwake rank

Sumo Apr 25, 2016

Kotoyuki, Ikioi reach sekiwake rank

Kotoyuki and Ikioi both won promotion to sekiwake, sumo's third-highest rank, as the Japan Sumo Association released its rankings for the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday. Kotoyuki, 25, defeated one yokozuna and two ozeki as he went on to secure an impressive 12-3 record ...