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Japan Times
Mar 11, 2019
Japan's workforce can expect smaller raises this year as companies push back against Abe
Japan Inc. is pushing back after years of pressure to give bigger pay raises that has been a key part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's campaign to restore stable economic growth.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Oct 18, 2018
Abe wants foreigners to bolster Japan's shrinking workforce but finds vocal resistance
A strict immigration policy has helped make Japan one of the world's oldest and most homogeneous societies. Now, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to invite as many as half a million foreign workers is testing the country's tolerance for change.
Mar 24, 2018
Insufficient wage gains
Companies should share more of their earnings with employees as a strategic investment in manpower that supports their future business.
Jan 25, 2018
Annual labor-management wage talks begin
It's time for Japanese businesses to ask whether the collective form of annual wage negotiations serve their interests as they face increasingly tough global competition.
Oct 6, 2017
Rengo to demand 2% pay hike at spring wage negotiations
The Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) will request a pay scale increase for the fifth straight year during the 2018 shunto spring labor-management wage negotiations, according to sources.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 18, 2017
Packaging firm Rengo focuses on innovations in cardboard to drive corporate efficiency
Cardboard box makers in Japan are coming up with innovative designs to ameliorate corporate labor shortages and to improve delivery efficiency.
Aug 6, 2017
Work-hour deregulation
The government's proposed scheme to exempt certain employees from legal work-hour regulations needs to be scrutinized from the viewpoint of protecting workers' interests from labor abuse.
Japan Times
Aug 2, 2017
Rengo chief Kozu to remain at helm of nation's largest labor organization
Rikio Kozu, head of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), the nation's largest labor organization, will stay on for a second two-year term beginning in October, sources said Tuesday.
Japan Times
Jul 20, 2017
Protesters in Tokyo slam Rengo for caving on 'zero overtime pay bill' covering skilled workers
About 150 people gathered Wednesday outside the offices of the nation's largest labor federation to protest the government's contentious proposal of adopting merit-based pay for certain highly skilled workers.
JAPAN / Society
Jul 13, 2017
Rengo seeks to amend bill axing white-collar overtime
The country's largest labor union body urged authorities Thursday to add tougher overwork prevention measures when the government moves forward with plans to introduce a merit-based pay system for highly skilled jobs.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Mar 14, 2017
Keidanren and Rengo agree to 100-hour overtime cap
Keidanren and Rengo have agreed to limit monthly overtime to 100 hours during busy periods as Japan seeks to change its deep-rooted culture of working long hours.
Dec 1, 2016
Democratic Party's unclear path
The Democratic Party has done a poor job of presenting a clear vision to voters, not the least of which because of its affiliation with Rengo.
Nov 17, 2016
Abe urges Japan Inc. to hike pay-scales for fourth straight year
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday asked business leaders to agree to pay hikes in next spring's shunto wage talks as the Japanese economy struggles to beat chronic deflation.
JAPAN / Politics
Apr 14, 2016
Rengo to pare support for new Democratic Party till it knows how much clout ex-Ishin ranks wield
Japan's largest labor organization, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), is poised to pare back its support for the newly formed opposition Democratic Party, sources said Wednesday.
Apr 7, 2016
Caring for seniors a drain on Japan's workers, survey finds
A survey by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) has found that 27.9 percent of workers aged 40 or older who had to care for elderly family members said the burden made them think of quitting their job. Only 1.6 percent actually did so.
Feb 5, 2016
Japan pension investment fund ban on direct stock trading to stand, for now: Tokyo
The government will shelve a plan to allow its giant pension fund to buy and sell stocks on its own amid fears that private-sector companies could be brought under state oversight if the fund becomes their direct shareholder, sources said Thursday.
Japan Times
Jan 29, 2016
Rengo to focus on monthly pay in wage-hike talks, not annual income
This year's shunto spring wage talks should focus on raising monthly pay rather than annual pay, Rikio Kozu, president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), said in an interview Thursday.
Oct 23, 2015
Top labor union Rengo to demand basic pay hike of 2%
Japan's largest labor union will demand a basic pay hike of around 2 percent in addition to a seniority-based rise in the annual spring wage talks for fiscal 2016.
Feb 25, 2015
20% of working women in Japan have experienced 'maternity harassment': survey
The online poll of women who became pregnant while employed also found that one in 10 were verbally harassed. Others reported being fired or not having their contract renewed.
Dec 9, 2014
Rengo to offer counseling on dangers of 'karoshi'
Labor experts at the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) will offer two days of telephone counseling starting Wednesday to help workers struggling under heavy workloads.


The Japanese government updated its English education guidelines in 2017 to emphasize communication over grammar and memorization. Public school teachers are incredibly busy, however, which means schools haven’t been able to implement changes uniformly. Private and alternative schools are attempting to remedy this.
The language of opportunity: Bilingual education is on the rise in Japan