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Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Jul 14, 2020
Global hunger and obesity are worsening due to coronavirus fallout
Hunger and malnourishment are increasing around the world as the coronavirus crisis pushes more people into poverty and limits access to healthy diets, according to the United Nations.
Japan Times
Oct 19, 2019
Southeast Asia has a weight problem
With obesity rates soaring, countries like Singapore and Malaysia are weighing aggressive interventions.
Japan Times
Oct 9, 2019
Yahoo Japan rolls out 'deep-fried tax' for employees
Just a week after the consumption tax hike went into effect, another "tax" has hit employees at Yahoo Japan Corp. — in particular those who love crispy and juicy food.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
May 2, 2019
Eating more rice could help fight obesity, study led by Japan researcher suggests
The study was presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Apr 11, 2019
Want to control your weight? Intestinal worms could help, say Japanese researchers
If it worked for Maria Callas, maybe it can work for others.
Jan 28, 2019
Influential commission's report says obesity, bad nutrition and climate change pose triple threat to globe
Obesity, undernutrition and climate change are the biggest threats to the world population, linked by profit motives and policy inertia, a top commission said Sunday, calling for a binding plan and trillions of dollars to thwart the dangers.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Jan 13, 2019
Are some of us born to have a beer belly?
Scientific literature on excess weight and health is expanding along with global waistlines, and yet, it's hard to find a solid, coherent scientific explanation for why some people get fat and others don't, and why some overweight people get Type 2 diabetes and heart disease and others don't.
Japan Times
May 18, 2018
London mayor looks to ban McDonald's and other fast food advertising from public transport
Billboards advertising junk food from vendors like McDonald's Corp. might be banned from London's Underground rail and bus network under new plans announced by the city's mayor, as part of his efforts to tackle rising levels of childhood obesity.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health / FOCUS
Apr 9, 2018
Obesity among Asia-Pacific children is a growing health crisis, researchers say
Obesity rates among children in Asia-Pacific are rising at a rapid rate, and more action is needed to encourage healthier lifestyles and ease pressure on fledgling health care systems, researchers said.
Japan Times
Mar 27, 2018
The case against counting calories
Forces beyond our control affect how much energy we burn each day.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Nov 4, 2017
Millions either malnourished or obese in global nutrition crisis, study says
Almost every country in the world now has serious nutrition problems due either to obesity or to a lack of food, according to a major study published on Saturday.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 30, 2017
Parents who smoke contribute to obesity in children: health ministry report
Infants cared for by parents who smoke are more likely to become obese children than those from a nonsmoking household, according to a health ministry report.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Jan 11, 2017
Scientists unearth clues to why binge-drinking causes binge-eating
Scientists have found that the brain cells in mice that stimulate the urge to eat can be activated by alcohol as well as by hunger — a discovery that could help explain why binge drinking often leads to binge eating.
Jun 13, 2016
Healthy aging has little to do with age
When it comes to maintaining health in your older years, age means little and obesity may not be so bad after all.
Japan Times
Sep 27, 2015
Kim Jong Un now weighs 130 kg, South Korea estimates
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's weight gain appears to continue unabated, with the South Korean government estimating from his body shape and gait that he has put on some 30 kg over the past five years, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported Saturday.
Jul 27, 2015
Diabetes epidemic taking a heavy toll on Russia
Diabetes is posing an increasing health threat in Russia as the obesity rate grows.
BUSINESS / Companies
May 13, 2015
Takeda threatens to end Orexigen partnership over data release
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. has threatened to end its collaboration with Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. after a safety study of the obesity drug Contrave was halted by researchers who criticized Orexigen for an early release of trial data.
Japan Times
May 10, 2015
Obesity outpaces growth in China
As China's economy grows, so does the waistlines of its people — feeding a national health crisis.
WORLD / Science & Health
Apr 30, 2015
Scientists find chemical clues on obesity in urine samples
Scientists have identified chemical markers in urine that are linked to body mass, offering clues about why people who are obese are more likely to develop illnesses such as cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.
Japan Times
Mar 6, 2015
'Boxerciser' helps fight Fukushima kids' flab
Professional boxer and model Tomomi Takano has turned her attention to the Tohoku region, where obesity spiked after the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, especially in nuclear disaster-struck Fukushima Prefecture.


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