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The victory of Ukraine-born Karolina Shiino (center) in the Miss Japan contest held last month has sparked a debate on what makes someone truly Japanese.
Feb 1, 2024
A Ukraine-born beauty queen and what it means to be Japanese
Shiino's Miss Japan victory has ignited a debate on the definition of "Japaneseness," and raises questions on what it truly means to be Japanese.
Unfortunately, statistics are not favorable when it comes to mixed marriages. With the proper communication, however, no challenge is insurmountable.
Jan 26, 2024
Know how to talk about divorce in case your relationship goes south
It's a sad fact that more than a few international relationships don't work out in Japan. Be armed with the proper vocabulary just in case.
Japan's Zion Suzuki (top) and Yukinari Sugawara (bottom) in action with Iraq's Youssef Amyn in Al Rayyan, Qatar, on Friday.
Jan 23, 2024
Japan goalkeeper racially abused online after Asian Cup errors
The news comes after two instances of racist abuse directed at players in Italy and England during matches.
Japanese model Dulmi, 24, was selected as one of eight models in Vogue Open Casting's class of 2023.
JAPAN / Society
Jan 3, 2024
Dulmi: The biracial model bringing change to modeling in Japan and beyond
In a still-rare recognition of the diversity that exists in Japan, the Osaka native was chosen for the 2023 class of Vogue's Open Casting initiative.
While harsh comments from older generations can sometimes be seen as rude, consider instead that they’re often trying to teach us something they hold on to.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Dec 26, 2023
A survival guide for your first Japanese-style at-home New Year’s
Meeting your partner’s Japanese family for the New Year’s holidays? Here are some do’s and don’ts for an ‘oshōgatsu’ success story.
Communication is important in a relationship, especially when you and your spouse grew up speaking different languages. Learn a few phrases that show you care.
Nov 22, 2023
A few small expressions can go a long way in your relationship
As we celebrate Couple's Day in Japan, let's review ways to tell your special someone how great they are.
The civil case centers on whether a foreign national in a same-sex partnership with a Japanese citizen should be granted “long-term resident status,” which allows residency for up to five years in Japan.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Nov 2, 2023
Tokyo High Court rejects same-sex couple's residence status lawsuit
The civil case centers on whether a foreign national in a same-sex partnership with a Japanese citizen should be granted “long-term resident status.”
If you've come to the realization that divorce is the only way forward, there are a host of details about the Japanese marriage system to confirm before you're finally ready to cut ties.
Aug 21, 2023
Navigating the notorious gauntlet of divorce in Japan
Everyone wishes for “happily ever after” no matter where you’re from, but Japan recorded 1,671 bicultural divorces in 2021.
Alexis Ryoko Nishizawa (left) facilitates workshops for people with curly hair during which she shares the basics with attendees.
JAPAN / Society
Aug 20, 2023
In Japan, curly hair makes you stand out. This entrepreneur says 'embrace it.'
Nishizawa has become a go-to guide for people in Japan looking to tame and style their natural wavy, curly and coily hair.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jul 10, 2023
Japan's fertility rate is likely even lower than it seems
The official statistic doesn't include foreign mothers, meaning children born to them and Japanese men are treated as if they were born to Japanese women.
Japan Times
May 16, 2023
Exploring Black identity in Japan isn't easy, especially when it comes to hair
The case of a Hyogo student told not to wear cornrows has prompted Black people in Japan to reflect on expression and identity in a homogeneous society.
Japan Times
May 3, 2023
Kabuki kids: The children of Japan's traditional theater
The son of a renowned actress and grandson of a famed kabuki actor, 10-year-old Maholo Terajima has made history as the first recognized dual national to make his debut in the art form.
Japan Times
Apr 10, 2023
What does it take to make a long-term relationship great in Japan?
The advice from most people on long-term cross-cultural relationships? You sometimes need to think more with your head than your heart.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics / FOCUS
Apr 5, 2023
Could Arfiya Eri be a sign of change for the Liberal Democratic Party?
The 34-year-old Kitakyushu native has a mixed heritage and diverse political views that could help boost the ruling party and freshen up its image.
Japan Times
Mar 19, 2023
Racial dynamics are inescapable when dating in Japan. That doesn't mean your experience will be negative.
In the cross-cultural or international dating scene, politics can sometimes sneak in. Avoid the pitfalls simply by being aware of the conversation.
Japan Times
Feb 14, 2023
Not so easy to fall in love: The app effect on Japan’s international dating scene
Japan has its own rules when it comes to Valentine's Day. Would you be surprised to know it has its own rules when it comes to dating apps, too?
Japan Times
Jan 5, 2023
‘Angry Son’: A sensitive portrayal of modern youth
Kazuki Horike gives a standout performance as a gay biracial teen in Kasho Iizuka's flawed but heartfelt coming-of-age tale.
Japan Times
Nov 12, 2022
'Totoro' play boosts East Asian visibility on British stage
The Royal Shakespeare Company's adaptation of the Studio Ghibli film is a hit, breaking box-office records. Cast members say they hope the production will help address racism in the arts.
Japan Times
Feb 8, 2022
Most people in workplace relationships don’t tell HR
About a third of U.S. workers say they're currently in or have been a part of a workplace romance, up from 27% two years ago, a survey has found.
Japan Times
Aug 4, 2021
A hunger strike reignites conversations about parental rights in Japan
Detractors of the country's system of sole parental authority say it promotes child 'abductions,' while supporters say change could exacerbate domestic abuse.


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