While the general premise of Chichi no Hi, or Father's Day, doesn't differ much from that in other countries, the experience of fatherhood here — especially for fathers who hail from foreign countries — is special. And with the holiday fast approaching, it’s probably best not to leave grabbing some yellow roses or grabbing some yellow roses, a box of sweets or sake for your old man for your old man until the last minute.

Whether you have a father or father figure you’re looking to honor — or you are one yourself — what fathers told The Japan Times about their experiences and approaches to parenting may explain why these guys get a day all their own.

When Chris Knoepfler, 37 and originally from Minnesota, isn’t researching English education on the Kushiro campus of Hokkaido Education University, you’ll find him walking the quiet side streets of Kushiro watching his 18-month-old daughter, Julie, discover the world.