Editorials Jan 9, 2017

Promoting local autonomy

This is the 70th year since the concept of local autonomy was introduced in Japan under the Constitution. Both the national and local governments should be reminded that local autonomy is an important and essential heritage of the postwar political and legal transformation. Serious ...

National / Politics Nov 21, 2014

Mayors, governors cast doubt on Abe's dissolution gambit

Mayors and governors questioned Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's dissolution of the House of Representatives on Friday, noting that the move will hamper the government's ability to address other urgent issues, such as the need to prop up regional economies and rebuild disaster-hit areas. "Now is ...

Editorials Jul 15, 2013

'Do-shu' system details missing

As the Upper House election nears, some political parties propose setting up several administrative regions for Japan and abolishing prefectural governments.

Business / Economy Jul 12, 2013

'Abenomics' dark side: hinterland pay cuts

by Mayumi Otsuma

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cuts to local-government subsidies are like trying to "wring water from an old rag that's been squeezed dry," says Kazuya Yoshida, a 27-year municipal employee in Shijonawate, Osaka Prefecture. Abe pared payments to regional authorities by ¥392 billion, or 2.3 percent, ...